about us

Rapt on Rhapis is a Brisbane wholesale Palm production nursery. We have been operating since 2004, specialising solely in the growth of Rhapis Palms. Our Palms are grown in pots and containers for the convenience of plant hire businesses around Australia. We have formulated our own potting mix, which is made on-site, ensuring a personalised and consistent quality of palms. At our wholesale nursery, we also pollinate and germinate own home grown seed, instead of relying on the imported seed variations that most businesses use. The range that we produce is from seedlings up to a 100 ltr bag size. We grow our Rhapis Palms in igloo style shade houses and have an excellent location in the south west suburbs of Brisbane, which enables easy despatch for transport logistics to interstate.

Rhapis Excelsa Palms are the Rolls Royce of all Palms and their main purpose is for indoor decoration, as well as outdoor landscape partial shade areas. Rhapis Palms are slow growing, but affordable. They originated from Japan, China and Thailand, but grow well in Australian climates.

We are always available and receptive of any questions or queries you may have in relation to our services, or the Palms themselves. For further information, contact Rob on the number below or email here.

Please contact: Rob Cruikshank
Mob: 0414 811 056