Rapt on Rhapis have a very advanced, modern, wholesale production, Palm nursery located in Brisbane. Our Rhapis palms are containerised and are grown under shade cloth covered, igloo style shade houses. This configuration is excellent for growing palms as it is hail proof in design. The shape of our shade houses adds more benefits due to enabling maximum and more balanced sunlight, which in turn, allows for more uniform growth.

potting soil

We manufacture our own potting media thru using a bobcat to load a large paddle mixer with potting soil ingredients. This ensures an excellent blend of ingredients and an even distribution of fertilisers that are used. After mixing the potting mix, it is conveyed on to a stainless steel topped table ready for use.

water storage

We have on site a huge 265,000 litre water tank that contains pure rainwater with catchment from all buildings. This ensures quality plants because of using quality water.