Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the technical data on these palms? Click link to wikipedia here.

A: Kingdom: Plantae Order: Arecales Family: Arecaceae Genus: Rhapis Species: R. excelsa.

Q: Where do these palms originate?

A: Native to southern China and Taiwan. Also found in Thailand and Japan

Q: Are these palms for Indoor or outdoor use?

A: These palms can be used indoor and outdoor. They love partial shade for landscape use. These palms are more suited for a couple of hours morning or evening sun, not to be placed in full sun all day.

Q: Are they called by other names?

A: Yes, they are sometimes referred to as "Lady Palm" or "Fan Palm".

Q: What growing conditions are preferred for these palms?

A: Rhapis palms are excellent palms for many environments. They are very adaptable to low light situations. While they originate from warm humid climates they adapt very well to colder climates.